Thursday, October 25, 2018


We are investigating BATS! The kids are so excited about it! We made baby sock bats to hang from the ceiling. We are experimenting, reading, writing and much more! 

Here is a photo of my little "bats" showing what it looks like in the bat cave during the day! 

We did a cool experiment with a slinky! It demonstrates echolocation! You can see how excited the kids were by the looks on their faces! Love it!

We were given a Unicorn! We named it Blue. We can sit on him to read. He's popular! Thank you to Ms. Carey! 

Friday, September 28, 2018

We are learning about patterns!

Math is fun! This whole month we have been exploring and learning all about patterns. We have talked about patterns repeat and that every pattern has a pattern core. We can describe patterns with letters like ABB or ABC the possibilities are endless! 
We read several stories about patterns. We read one story that we thought was so funny, so that sparked our creativity to make patterned underpants! 
The bulletin board looks so cute! 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Brand New School Year!

After a wonderful and relaxing summer...It's a new school year! I have been so, so busy! This year I have a huge class of 25 very busy kids. They are keeping me on my toes. I am working so hard to teach them the routines of the classroom. They really need to learn to keep their hands and feet to themselves! Hopefully the commitments we make daily will "click"! 

Science is so fun! It is one of my favourite subjects to teach. 
This is a wonderful way to introduce colour mixing in a cool way! I provided each group of two kids with vinegar coloured with liquid watercolour and a tray full of baking soda. First we predicted what we thought might happen and then we tried it out! So fun to listen to the children's excited voices as they make their discoveries! 

We will be doing many more fun experiments with colour and I will add more photos as we do the experiments! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Science ROCKS!!

Today we were Scientists! It was very cool and fun! We put on our lab coats and our special glasses. We were ready!
We talked about our equipment and how to do the experiment with our partner. 
WOW! were we ever focused! It was amazing and exciting! 

This is so fun! 

Look! Mini explosions! 

We made some neat colours! 

All of our lab coats have REAL scientists names on them! We always ask who we are when we put them on for our special science lab days! 

Science is the BEST!!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Welcome to a new school year!

A new year and a new little bunch of lovelies! I am excited to try out some new ideas this year! I have been researching and reading up on flexible seating. This year I am going to give it a try!
We have been in school for 10 days now and I can honestly say, my kids LOVE flexible seating! They love that they can choose the best place for them to sit and work. They are happier and so am I!
They are a neat little bunch of kids and I am enjoying them. We are still in the "honeymoon" phase, but I can see we will have a fun year of learning together! As soon as I have permission from everyone's families, I will be able to share photos of what we are doing in our classroom! Stay tuned for that!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lots to catch up on...again!

Hello everyone. 
I had to take a sick day today. I had such a migraine, I felt like my head was going to explode! 
Thankfully am feeling a bit better. Still resting and keeping my fluids up. Missing my babies though! Onto my class and all the fun stuff we have been up to! It has been a busy January! 
First off, we went skiing! It was so fun! We had ski or snowboard lessons all day long with real ski and snowboard teachers.

We also had a visit from a clay teacher. This teacher taught us how to work with real clay. We built penguins and then the clay teacher took the penguins away to fire them in a kiln. We learned that is a really hot oven and we will get them back in a month! 
Once we have them back we will paint them and then take them home! 

Here we are in our clay aprons.

This is the penguins we built! 

Literacy week was a busy week! We started our week with a story read to us by the superintendent of our school division. Then we went back to our classroom and decorated book bags! 
We carried around books wherever we went in the school, so we could drop and read whenever! 
It was GREAT! 

We painted very cute mini penguin paintings with our fingers! They were hanging in the school's art gallery hall for a month! 

Penguin Puppets! We made puppets as a part of our penguin study.

We wrote about our favourite thing to do in the winter.
It was a fun writing project! Plus it looked so cute! 

Onto February! 
Coming up this month we will be having our student led conferences! 
I will be trying a new format, so we will see how it goes! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Oops! Lost track of time and didn't blog much...

Hello everyone!
I haven't blogged in ages! I am now on Christmas holiday break and I finally have time to catch up on things in the other parts of my life.  I will share some fun things my kiddos did since last time I blogged!
We worked on  "AR" words using pirates because of the school's book fair had a Pirate theme

We studied OWLS in October and November

We looked at Owl pellets, but I didn't tell the kids what they were. I had them guess first with no clues, just looking at the silver wrapped shape on the white tray. 
The kids guessed things like dog food, dirt, mouldy food, candy. 
We always wear our lab coats when we are doing our science investigations. 
They were so excited and VERY engaged in their work! 

                                                                  Look at the BONES! So cool!
                             We learned so much about what Owls eat. It was a very fascinating study!


                                                                      Christmas came so quick!
           We had a tree in our classroom and we decorated it all together. It was a lovely classroom tree!
The last week before our holiday break, we arrived at school to see presents underneath our tree! We opened two presents per day. The gifts we opened were special things for our classroom. We got new books, games and Lego! Everyone was very excited! The month of December was so busy, I forgot to take photos of all the cool things we did!
We were sent little stuffed puppies from Santa, to teach to read. We read to them everyday! Then we had an Elf, that we named Buddy, visit us from the North Pole. He moved around the classroom every night. He had a suitcase full of clothes and a little reindeer too! We also had to practise our Christmas concert song everyday! The month went by so quickly!

We turned ourselves into Elves and even gave ourselves Elf names! It was such a fun project! 

This was an adorable gift that one of my students mom's made for me. 
Hopefully, I will remember to blog more in the new year! 
Right now I am just planning on resting, relaxing and catching up on personal projects at my home. 
Happy 2017 everyone!